The Constitutional Congress and the Elders Advisory Group have completed a very successful week long induction in Honiara.

Representatives of Solomon Islands provinces and society in general with a total of 56 participants, which was the largest gathering of Solomon Islanders, has been called together to look into a national issue.

The job of the congress with the assistance of the Elders Advisory Group is to finalise the Constitution Reform Programme by completing a federal constitution.

The gathering elected Sir John Ini Lapli as the Congress Chairperson and Jenny Tuhaika as the Vice Chairperson.

"The Congress and Elders are firmly united on achieving the task before them," Sir John said. "The appointments reflect the new image of leadership that will, in future, be the hallmark of the reform."

Local youths were actively engaged throughout the induction week through music, which they especially composed to reflect their aspirations of a new Solomon Islands.

Other sectors of the community were also well represented at the induction.

Women representing different sectors of the communities in Solomon Islands at the Congress participated well at the induction.

Most of the induction week was involved in establishing the internal procedures and rules of the Congress and the Elders.

The Congress and Elders will be recalled in a month's time to Honiara to confirm a work programme, aimed at having the job completed by October 2008.