Opening the doors of the National Parliament is a welcome gesture for the general public to feel free in the big house.

Speaking to Solomon Times, one of the many in the crowd on Saturday's Parliament Open Day stated that the opportunity is so worthwhile.

"As part of the public, there has never been freedom to step up to the front doors of Parliament but after this Open Day, we feel that we are being welcomed to be part of them," Francis Etemae said.

He said the privilege extends to learning grounds for the public with historical events in the Solomons being displayed for viewing.

This dated as far back as 1976 through to present time, giving historical background of what the nation had endured over the years.

For the young man, he said that entering the Parliament Chamber is "my dream come true".

"I have always wondered what it would be like being in the circle, and that dream came true at the Open Day, a special day marked as history day of my life," a smiling Mr. Etemae said.

The young man said that it is very good to know and learn more about the parliament and see the members of the parliament since in 1976 to 2008.

"We are the people who picked and voted the Members who sit in Parliament, so it's a great feeling to understand what goes on behind the great walls of this huge building," Mr. Etemae said.

All spoken to applauds the initiative of opening the Parliament doors to the public, stating that the move is just right for everyone to feel connected and part of the nation's leaders behind the big house.