Parliament has passed a motion which sought Parliament to delay the time for which the Parliamentary seat of former prime minister Sir Allan Kemakeza is declared vacant until such time the Court of Appeal decides on his conviction.

Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua moved the motion yesterday.

Dr. Sikua said Sir Allan has done a lot for the country and it is fitting for Parliament to accord him the opportunity to pursue his appeal.

Leader of Opposition, Manasseh Sogavare, said whilst the Opposition had no problem with the motion, they were aware that other MPs were convicted and are serving time in prison.

He cited the former East Honiara MP who is still waiting for the court to hear his appeal next June.

Mr. Sogavare said whether the former East Honiara MP was made aware of his right under the constitution or Parliamentary Standing orders in the like manner of Sir Allan is not known and not fair.

He however supported the motion on the ground Sir Allan is waiting for his appeal.

Foreign Affairs Minister, William Haomae, said the motion is in order and inline with the constitution and standing orders of parliament.

Meanwhile, Sir Allan is serving the six month sentence handed on him by the High Court for crimes relating to the robbery of Honiara law firm, Sollaw in 2002.

Source: SIBC