Israel Ambassador, Michael Ronen in a Press Conference last week stated that the Israel government has issued a formal letter to the Solomon Islands government to establish an Honorary Consul of Israel in the Solomon Islands.

Ambassador Ronen stated that he has appointed Mr. Leliana Firisua as the Consul, but further stated that they are currently awaiting reply from the Solomon Island government.

With the establishment of a Consulate, Ambassador Ronen stated that they are looking into a possibility for Solomon Islanders to travel to Israel without the necessity of a visa.

"This is so that people wanting to travel to Israel would not have a long period of time waiting to get their visas approved which often is an obstacle. However, they can get them upon there arrival," he adds.

Ambassador Ronen stated that his visit is to revive bilateral ties with the Solomon Islands. He added that their government is keen to promote and train Solomon Islanders in the agriculture and health sectors.

Amongst his visit, Ambassador Ronen also donated $8000US for the Pink Ribbon Foundation, which was handed over to the patron for the Pink Ribbon foundation, Lady Alice Waena, last week.

He said the money is to "help women who are suffering from cancer."