The National Parliament of Solomon Islands, for the first time, opened its doors to the public on what is to be the first open day arranged for the big house.

For most in the public, it was the first for them to step into the 'decision-making' room, the Chamber, where Members of Parliament meet to make important decisions for the nation.

Saturday's Open Day attracted young and old alike as they flocked the Parliament grounds for a whole day of learning and fun-filled day.

Speaking at the opening, Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua described the open day as a historical event since the Independence.

He said the Parliament represents solidarity as one people and one nation "therefore people must appreciate Parliament House and also appreciate the important contribution of the National Parliament towards our young democracy."

Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua said the Parliament is the highest law making body in the country, which indicates the supremacy and political independence of the country.

He also added that the Parliament represents people in various constituency in the provinces and is symbol of leadership, by which the 50 members elected in Parliament represents them in the Chamber therefore, people should respect the leaders and leaders too must act and show respect to the people.

He further added that the Parliament House was a gift to Solomon Islands Government by the Government and people of the United States of America during the 50th Anniversary of World War II to mark the battle in Guadalcanal, which shows a symbol of freedom, a historical symbol which links the peoples of Solomon Islands and USA.

"It is a symbol which shows that democracy is valuable but at the same time priceless," the Prime Minister said.

Dr. Sikua also paid tribute to the past leaders for their service towards building the political foundation of the Solomon Islands.