The Chairman and members of the Public Service Commission are taken to task for their stance in the appointment and suspension of Moti for the Attorney General's position.

This was revealed by the Prime Minister in a recent statement. This has in fact contradicted Gordon Lilo's statement when he was acting PM. Lilo had told the media in an earlier press conference that the appointment of the tribunal had nothing to do with the opposition of the PSC on the appointment of Moti to the AG position.

The Prime Minister had instead told journalists that a submission for the establishment of a tribunal was made to His Excellency before the new Police Commissioner, Jahir Khan's appointment.

The Chairman of the PSC stated that he was not aware of any formal submission made to His Excellency for their stance in the Moti suspension. The Chairman stated that the PM had only verbally told him and the Acting Attorney General to lift the suspension of Moti and alleged that he (PM) said that they would face a tribunal if they refuse. But there was never a formal submission as he had told the journalists.

In his recent press conference statement the PM was quoted as saying that

"We originally referred his name to His Excellency, for the establishment of a tribunal to look into the commission's appointment and suspension of Julian Moti, which the government continues to uphold as illegal and unprocedural."

The irony is Gordon Darcy Lilo had denied that the government's intention had anything to do with the position of the Chairman of Public Service Commission and his colleagues on the appointment and suspension of Moti to the AG position.

The latest turn of events revealed that someone is not telling the truth and in fact revealed what the public and the Chairman had initially feared. The Chairman in his press statement voiced concern over the way the Sogavare led government continues to interfere in the processes of the administration.

The Chairman had also hinted that he feared that the situation at the government house could be used as a scapegoat to get at the commission. A private lawyer, when contacted, was also baffled with the PM's recent announcement.

"If the government goes ahead to take the PSC commission for their stance on the Moti appointment and suspension then there is likely to be a contempt of court," the lawyer said. "Currently there is a case, Moti vs. PSC, pending before the High court. The court case is likely to deal with the same issue and for the government to appoint a tribunal could be seen as a contempt of court."