The Solomon Islands Government (SIG) is optimistic that the second report of the Pacific Islands Forum review of RAMSI would pave the way for the partnership to move forward.

Speaking at a function to farewell members of the review taskforce, Foreign Affairs Minister Mr Patteson Oti said that the government was hopeful that the report would transmit a united stand by those involved with RAMSI on the way forward in the Solomon Islands government-RAMSI partnership.

Mr Oti went on to say that the review provided the opportunity for others in the Pacific Islands regional initiative to have a better footing on their roles.

Mr Oti also noted the extensive coverage undertaken by the team in the second phase of the RAMSI review, which covered all provincial governments and non-state actors in the provinces. Foreign Minister Patteson Oti said the second phase of the consultative review had been successful.

"We have been greatly impressed by the quality of submissions from all stakeholders during both phases of the consultations. This clearly reflects the importance they attach to the current work and future directions of RAMSI," Messrs Kaliopate Tavola and Neil Walter, co-leaders of the Task Force said.

The Pacific Islands Forum has endorsed the review last October at the request of the government due to disagreements on how the Australian-led mission was conducting its operations.