Opposition spokesman, Edward Huniehu, says the Sogavare Government's move to create parliamentary secretaries is a strategy to weaken the opposition and remain in power.

Edward Huniehu says creating 10 parliamentary secretary positions is a ploy to lure opposition members.

"I think the Government is deliberately using taxpayer's money to build hedges around them," said Huniehu in a radio interview.

"I think that they have a strategy - they are moving towards developing an integrity bill, sometime this year, or maybe next year so that when they have the numbers then they are home and dry because in this new integrity bill members of parliament will be disallowed to shift sides."

Mr Huniehu is concerned that opposition will be lured to the Government side and will be offered handsome packages - free vehicles, free electricity, water, telephone and housing allowances plus a fat salary. Mr Huniehu says he is also concerned that the parliamentary secretary plans have not been budgeted.