The current meeting of Parliament has been further adjourned to November 12.

Prime Minister Derek Sikua moved a special motion of adjournment yesterday when Parliament resumed after just over three weeks break.

Dr Sikua cited the need for further public consultation on some very important bills which government needs to bring before this meeting.

The bills include the Political Parties Integrity Bill, a supporting constitutional amendment bill, and Electoral Act Amendment Bill 2009.

The Prime Minister says other matters that must be concluded before Parliament resumes meeting on November 12 include the work of special parliamentary select committees.

This include the work of a special select committee to look into the quality of services at the national referral hospital and the parliamentary house committee which is conducting an inquiry into the 50-thousand dollar terminal grant for M-P spouses.

Government is still holding public consultations throughout the provinces on the proposed Political Party Integrity Bill and other supporting constitutional reforms.

This week, chairman of the bills working committee John Keniapasia and other government officers are in the Makira provincial capital, KiraKira.

M-Ps who spoke on the motion, include the Opposition Leader and Leader of the Independent Group in Parliament.

Most of them spoke in support of the motion.

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