Prime minister Dr. Derek Sikua has assured the Police and Justice Ministry that the Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement Government will not interfere with their work.

He made the assurance when he visited ministry of Police and National Security and Correctional Services and the ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs and their agencies.

Dr. Sikua says the operations of the members of the police and Correctional Services and those of the Judiciary will not be politicized.

He says the third arm of governance, the judiciary, must remain neutral and independent.

Prime Minister Sikua commended members of the Police Force for the support they rendered to Stanley Manetoali, Minister of Police, National Security and Correctional Services and the CNURA Government in 2008 and hoped the same support would be accorded in 2009.

He says their support has resulted in stable peace.

Meanwhile, acting police commissioner Peter Marshall reported to the Prime Minister a remarkable improvement in policing in Solomon Islands.

He said the Police Force wants to make 2009 the year of stability especially political stability.

Deputy Commissioner of the Close Protection Police Force, Dennis Mc Dermott said that the reason behind this marked improvement "is the establishment of an Administration and standards Department in the police force which ensures the police is disciplined, professional and accountable."

While Prime Minster agreed with the report of improvement, he believes there is still a lot of work to be done. The underpinning, he says is that the police Force must safeguard the interests and needs of Solomon Islands and people.

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