Deputy Prime Minister and Central Kwara'ae MP, Hon. Fred Fono has expressed doubts about the authenticity and truthfulness of a survey conducted by the Malaita Maasina Forum to determine support for Malaita independence.

Mr Fono says the outcome of the survey would not be considered, as it does not reflect the wishes of the general Malaitan populace. Mr Fono said that the survey was only conducted on only a few Malaitans living in the outskirts of Honiara.

He says should such a survey be done, it should be through a referendum on Malaita so that it reflects the true wishes of the people.

Mr Fono made the statement on the National Broadcaster, SIBC, as the country's deputy prime minister and as the MP for Central Kwara'ae.

He says the move by Maasina Forum to divide the nation is uncalled for at a time when the country needs to stick together.

Mr Fono says the global financial situation calls for cooperation and working together to address the global issue and its effects on the country.

He says elected Malaita leaders are of the view that the Maasina Forum has no mandate to conduct the survey.

Mr Fono says only elected Malaita MPs and Provincial members are mandated to make decisions on behalf of the people.

He says it is inappropriate to talk about Malaita secession from the rest of Solomon Islands.

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