The Solomon Islands Maritime Authority (SIMA) has launched its corporate plan 2020 - 2023.

SIMA says that the launch of the plan will usher in a new beginning for the maritime sector.

SIMA, was formerly known as the Solomon Islands Maritime Safety Administration (SIMSA).

2018 was when the SIMA Act was established relinquishing SIMSA as an entity.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, the Minister for Infrastructure Development (MID) says it is not an easy journey to reach this far.

“We must continue to remind us of SIMA’s Corporate Plan’s vision of a transformative decade of safety at sea, resilient and clean maritime services and mobility in Solomon Islands”, Manasseh Maelanga says.

“This decade must bring major changes towards safety, cleanness and efficient shipping services that will have to operate carbon-free vessels in the next 20-30 years. This is the price of our resilience to climate change and sustainable development.”

The MID Minister says it is now time the government and people must think about the future of maritime.

The purpose of the Corporate plan is to share the vision of a safe, resilient and clean maritime service in Solomon Islands. The plan will also set the direction for SIMA to become financially self-sufficient and independent.

The Corporate plan adopts the vision, mission and values of SIMA and its four main goals broken down into strategic actions.

The plan has been adopted and approved by the MID Minister in September 2020.

For Solomon Islands domestic shipping is fundamental for inter-island connectivity and is the main means of access to and from many outer islands, supporting the socio-economic needs of these distant communities.