Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale calls on the Political Party Integrity (PPI) Commission to investigate the legal effect of the recent High Court findings in the case - Robson Djokovic v Attorney General on the status of OUR Party and the Prime Minister.

“Surely the High Court judgment which made findings to the effect that Mr. Djokovic was a foreigner when he was President of Our Party must raise legal questions on the validity of any executive decisions or instrument he made or signed respectively at the material times,” says Hon. Wale.

He says the PPI Act makes it a penal offence for any foreigner to actively participate in domestic politics and when such relate to the formation and conduct of business of a political party in a ruling government with the Wing Leader as PM, this is a matter of public concern.

“People are entitled to know whether their PM and OUR Party are entitled in law to remain in office regardless of this recent High Court judgment,” the Opposition Leader adds.

Hon. Wale further adds, “While the PPI Act is silent on the question of whether the disqualification of a sitting President later found to be a foreigner can constitute a ground for deregistration of a political party, section 6 vests broad powers on the Commission to cause investigations to ensure compliance with the Act, promote integrity standards and monitor the development of parties.

""The High Court judgment certainly raises serious legal questions impacting on all these areas. I therefore call on the Commission to cause investigations,” reiterates the Opposition Leader.

Source: Opposition Press