The recent High Court decision concerning the citizenship status of Mr. Robson Djokovic in no way impacts on his appointment as the Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC).

OPMC made the clarification through a press release after Djokovic lost his case at the High Court.

“This is because his employment is fully compliant with all relevant laws and Legislations of the Solomon Islands. In this particular case the issue of citizenship and employment are not the same.

Therefore, Mr. Robson Djokovic is still the Chief of Staff. This is according to the Special Secretary to the Prime Minister, Mr. Albert Kabui,” the OPMC statement reads.

A statement received from the Secretary of Our Party Mr. Wilson Rano, confirmed that while the High Court has ruled Mr Djokovic is an indigenous Solomon Islander, he is no longer a Solomon Island citizen.

“Because of this outcome Mr Djokovic has tendered his resignation as the Interim President of OUR Party on 5 March 2021 to ensure the integrity of the Party is maintained,” said Rano.

“It has always been our position from the beginning that Mr Djokovic is an indigenous Solomon Islander and therefore a citizen,” Mr. Rano adds.

According to Mr. Rano, Section 23 of the Constitution, even before its repeal in 2018 does not take away this right.

The High Court disagreed with this proposition saying an indigenous Solomon Islander can still lose his or her citizenship. We have different view from the Court.

“From this reason an appeal to the Court of Appeal is necessary to settle this difference of opinion.” Mr. Rano stated.

The statement says that the DCGA is fully committed to the accountable and transparent implementation of its policy priorities in the interest of national stability, economic empowerment, and social justice.