The public health emergency bill is set to go before parliament this coming sitting. Attorney General, John Muria (Jnr) made the assurance at the Oversight’s recent radio talkback show.

Muria says consultations will end this week, with the final consultation taking place this week.

“It will be with the Office of the Opposition and the Independent group”, Muria says.

He says the Bill is still on schedule and Cabinet should meet and approve the final version after the final consultation.

“So, we are on track with the bill. I think a couple of talkback shows back, I did mention the bill getting into parliament in the first week of March. We are still on schedule where the cabinet will meet and pass on the final version to parliament as part of its progress”, Muria says.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare told Parliament on 28 July 2020, that the Government through the Oversight Committee on Coronavirus had commenced work on the development of a legislation to address circumstances such as national pandemics or similar styled circumstances including outbreaks.

A Legislative Committee was established to oversee the development of a Public Health Emergency Bill. A discussion draft was developed and the Committee has been holding consultations with relevant stakeholders including our Provincial Governments, Private Sectors and Non-Government Organisations.

The Public Health Emergency Bill 2020 seeks to prevent, limit, contain and respond to outbreaks and spread of disease that are epidemics or pandemics and for related purposes.

It is hoped to be ready before the State of Public Health Emergency ends on the 24th of this month.