It was an unfortunate vehicle accident in 2009 that crippled George Thugea, the memory still haunts him but says he is grateful to be alive.

George comes from Gheghede, a small village in North East Guadalcanal. Now 75 years of age George says he spends most of his time at the National Referral Hospital (NRH), a place that has become a second home for him.

Despite being confined to a wheelchair George says he likes to meet people, have a laugh, and forget about his situation. His wheelchair has enabled him to be more mobile, which he says contributes to his quality of life.

"Sometimes people give me a smile but sometimes not, however I still keep the spirit and smile just to make my day good.

"I believe that putting a smile on someone’s face everyday will heal and comfort people, so I always smile even though I am the one in the wheelchair," George said with a smile.

He says that it is only through the grace of God that got him this far, and he is thankful.

"I believe in my creator for all the good things he has done for me and I’m truly blessed that I am still here.

"Nothing compares to having faith in God everyday, I have been in this situation for more than ten years but still I survive," George said.

When the day comes to an end George makes his way back to the NRH where he would spend the night.

"I lived at the National Referral Hospital for the past years and it is like a home to me and I create friendship and they are now like a family to me.

"Many nights I spend watching the stars on the horizon at the seashore of the National Referral Hospital.

"It is lonely at times, but it is what it is being a disable person," he mentioned.

George also stated that most of them are taking higher risks during their normal days on the street.

"They said that we should just stay at home rather than roaming around the street but instead they should feel what it is like to be in our shoes.

"Sometimes I just bear with those words and try to keep my head up," George said.

George says that the government should create a proper crossing for people with disabilities.

"I want to see proper accessibility and inclusiveness done for the next generation."

Meanwhile George says that he is now looking forward to returning to his home village, saying that he is now ready to return home.

"I’m soon to leave for home and I would like to thank everyone who supports me throughout my tens years here in town.”