The Minister of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) Honourable Dr Culwick Togamana told health officials and workers who attended the first sensitization training on the COVID-19 vaccine last week Friday that he will willingly take up the COVID-19 vaccine, once his turn comes.

In the latest developments with regards to acquiring the COVID-19 vaccines, Solomon Islands will initially receive 24,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine this month.

“As the minister of the ministry of health, I can assure you that once my turn comes I will willingly take up the COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca. If I or you the health workers are reluctant to take up this vaccine, no one will”,

“We are the lead government ministry and agency to mobilize support and advocate for the uptake of the vaccine and thus everyone else will be eyeing us to make their choices on whether or not to receive the vaccine. Since we are telling everyone to do so, we must put into practice what we preach”, explained Dr Togamana.

Dr Togamana also encouraged the health workers to take note of the information on safety and efficacy of the vaccine, how it will be rolled out, administered and monitored and all other important information provided by the health experts in the sensitization trainings and share with others.

“There is a great range of myths, mis and disinformation about this COVID-19 vaccine circulating both on the streets and the social media which must be countered with nothing else but the truth and correct information about the vaccine”, stated Dr Togamana.

He added, “as such, it is also our responsibilities to ensure that these important and correct information reaches the public by all means possible”.

Source: MHMS Press Release