Media Association Solomon Islands (MASI) Vice-President Douglas Marau has taken the lead in encouraging journalists around the country to be vaccinated when their time comes.

Mr Marau was one of the first group of people that were vaccinated during the Vaccine Launch on Wednesday last week.

The MASI vice president said journalists should also be categorized as front liners as they always have to be at ground zero whenever something happens.

“Media people play an important role in Solomon Islands covering events and incidents day in and day out and it is no different in the work they are currently undertaking during this pandemic,” he said.

That said, Mr Marau encouraged journalists to also take the vaccination when their time comes.

“This is to protect yourself, your colleagues, your families and our nation as a whole,” he said.

Mr Marau said there are incidents in other countries that journalists have also contracted Covid-19 in the line of duty.

Moreover, the MASI vice president also requested that health authorities also consider our journalists to be amongst frontliners that are on the list to be vaccinated.

Mr Marau said ensuring our reporters’ safety also ensures that Solomon Islands can also stay informed.

Meanwhile, Mr Marau has also acknowledged the important role media continue to play during the pandemic.

He said journalists including media personnel in the country have been at the forefront in ensuring our people are kept well informed.

“Keep up the good work,” the MASI vice president said.

Source: MASI Press Release