Makira-Ulawa province is still recovering from the effects of tropical cyclone Freda. Although the category two storm did not make landfall, the torrential downpour caused massive flooding and damaged critical infrastructures.

Bridges and roads, crucial to farmers, were damaged and repair work seems unlikely, at least within the next few months.

The national disaster management office (NDMO) reported that cyclone Freda also damaged “key sectors such as food gardens, cocoa and banana plantations, community water-supply including dams, communications, classrooms and dwelling houses.”

The report says communities are struggling to recover from the effects of the flash floods that hit the province prior to TC Freda, which devastated parts of the province some six months ago. It says the effects of the flashfloods, and the response by relevant authorities, may not have been as timely and effective as it should be.

The NDMO report says there are opportunities to intervene and not only restore the livelihoods of the affected population but also to ensure "that response, intervention and preparedness are better coordinated."

NDMO says for now what is crucial is the repair of important infrastructures to ensure that economic activities continue.