Former Premier of Guadalcanal Stephen Panga says two key issues raised by the province remain unresolved. Mr Panga says these two key issues have been ignored by successive governments, with no clear policy direction.

"The issues are, land dealings in the province, in which a commission of inquiry was established, and second is the issue of a state government system,” said Mr Panga.

He says that the government needs to be clear in terms of how it intends to address these issues.

“It is two years now since the Gordon Darcy Lilo took over from the former Danny Philip government….it appears nothing is moving forward.”

"For any government of the day to ignore and put aside all these issues it's not fair to us Guadalcanal people, especially when we allow our resources for most of the development to take place. To continue to allow the government to enjoy our resources, it is not proper to us and just to ignore the demands of the people of Guadalcanal," he added.

"The government needs to speed up the process of commission of inquiry so that we know the nature of those lands. People are going back to those lands and this is not helping the peace process of the country."

Mr Panga says RAMSI is gradually withdrawing from the country and adds that the peace process is still fragile, and “nothing should be taken for granted.”