Online group, Forum Solomon Islands International says it welcomes any legal action being launched against it by the country's Prime Minister, Hon. Gordon Darcy Lilo.

Hon. Lilo is taking the case against the Forum and the country's leading newspaper, Solomon Star newspaper for publishing allegations that he paid compensation over an affair.

Mr Lilo's press secretary, Robert Iroga, says Mr Lilo wants to defend his integrity as prime minister and make those responsible pay for their actions because the allegations hold no water.

But the Forum's Benjamin Afuga says his organisation has what it needs to defend the case in court.

"It is for the right of every Solomon Islander. And I think it is time that Sololomon Islanders must rise up and not see corruption as a normal thing. Corruption is bad, our country has been led by corrupted leaders and I think this is the time that we should rise up and tell our people that is enough is enough . And our leaders must know this."

Benjamin Afuga says the case Forum Solomon Islands International has lodged with the Leadership Code Commission over the prime minister's alleged sexual misconduct is to test the commission's independence.