Police are yet to receive a formal complaint in relation to allegations that a member of the public was mistreated by officers last week at Aruligo Village.

Allegations were raised in an article on the front page of the Solomon Star newspaper last Friday 21 March 2008.

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Directions and Standards, Juanita Matanga, says that police take allegations of this nature very seriously and encourages members of the public to come forward and make formal complaints if they feel they have been mistreated.

"Police will investigate allegations of misconduct when a formal complaint is received. At this stage, police have made some initial enquiries into the alleged incident at Aruligo Village but since nothing formal has been received an investigation has not started.

"Police conduct investigations on facts and not rumors or media reports of alleged incidents. If members of the public feel they have been mistreated by police they should contact Professional Standards and Internal Investigations and lodge a formal complaint," she said.