The traveling public in Honiara is urging bus business owners to consider the recent rise in bus fare.

Speaking to Solomon Times, most in the public raised concerns that the rise would complicate life financially for a lot of low-income earners.

Passengers were informed of the bus fare rise from $2 to $3, which also poses increase on trips out of town boundary.

One man approached told Solomon Times that "the increase is killing me".

"I have children who travel a far distance to their schools every day by bus and in a month, I have to spend $600 for transportation alone," he said.

He calculated that in the remaining months ahead, "I will spend about $6000 which is more than my children's school fee".

High school teacher, Aldrin Puia also echoed similar sentiments, stating that ones most likely to feel the impact of the increase would be ones who are not financially able to meet even daily needs.

Price rise on fuel and spare parts is a likely cause to the bus fare rise.

But the traveling public complained that buses are making money everyday and should be able to meet the increase price in fuel and spare parts.

"The buses see money everyday with the general public using their business as means to travel around the city and to outer parts, so price rise in fuel and spare parts is a lame excuse," Junior Bana complained.

Students approached complained that the rise is an unreasonable move, and most have opted to make the most of 'strolling' together as a group, for those who live far but still a walk distance from schools.