The Police Response Team (PRT) was deployed to Burns Creek in the early hours of this morning after a group of men armed with bush knives and other weapons broke into the Bulacane factory and commenced a barrage of rock throwing.

Police received calls for assistance at 1:45am to attend the location but upon arrival came under heavy attack from the men.

At 2:10am, the decision to call for support was made. The PRT members and other emergency on-call officers met at Police Headquarters at Rove and quickly assembled. The twenty-six member PRT was joined by another 50 officers and eighteen officers from Central Station.

The PRT is a specially trained group of officers that can rapidly deploy to assist in crowd control, riot situations and other tactical policing.

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Operations, Nathan Ratu, said that the speed and professionalism of the PRT with the assistance of other officers was very pleasing and a dangerous situation was contained.

"The response from the PRT and other officers was very professional. The officers reported for a briefing at Police Headquarters and then left for Burns Creek.

"The first of the officers reached the location in 38 minutes. To attend Police Headquarters, and then put on the specialist equipment and travel to Burns Creek in under 40 minutes demonstrates how quickly police can respond to situations.

"This response serves as a warning to the community that police will not be tolerating group or gang related criminal activities.

"The quick and professional response allowed police to take control of a situation that may have turned very dangerous. The police officers involved in last night's operation were brilliant and for that I thank them," he said.

Police have begun an investigation into the incident and believe the same men are responsible for other offences committed recently.

Members of the public that have information on this group are urged to contact police on CrimeWatch number 999.