The National Parliament's Public Accounts Committee (PAC) commenced scrutiny of the Government's 2008 Budget Estimates starting today, the 10th of March 2008.

The Committee, chaired by former Minister of Finance, Francis Zama, will be questioning government ministries, departments and statutory bodies on their budget estimates and appropriations for the current year as well as their expenditure and performance in 2007.

Membership of the Committee is bipartisan representing both the Opposition and the Government side. Speaking during a committee briefing last week, Committee Chairman, Zama emphasized that the oversight and scrutiny role of the Committee is essential in ensuring accountability, transparency and responsible practices in government expenditure of public funds.

"I would like to reiterate the important function of the Public Accounts Committee in its oversight and scrutiny of the Executive, especially in relation to public funds and expenditure," Hon. Zama said

"The role of the Public Accounts Committee is an important element of the separation of powers and in this case Parliament's oversight role on the Executive", Hon. Zama added.