The Ministry of Commerce, Industries and Employment will conduct a survey on businesses.

This is in order for the Government to device an appropriate response to the perceived high prices of goods and services in Solomon Islands.

A statement from the Ministry said the survey will be conducted at retailers, wholesalers and shipping operators in order to ascertain factors that determine current prices of goods and services.

These surveys will collect information on the level of prices that consumers are facing in retail stores, the prices that retailers are charged by the wholesalers and the shipping costs (international and inter-islands) that members of the public and businesses face.

The Ministry will also be investigating the level of competition that exists in the retail and wholesale markets, to determine if any companies are using their position to exploit consumers.

Officers from the Ministry will visit retailers, wholesalers and shipping operators and other authorities in Honiara and the Provinces in order to gather the required information.

Information collected will also be used by the Ministry in the process of reviewing the Price Control Act and to adapt where appropriate other control measures the Government may take.

The survey is expected to be conducted within one month and a report of the findings will be expected on May 2008.

The survey also aims to inform consumers on the factors affecting the ever-increasing prices of goods and services that has a high level of public concern in the country.