Results in the two bye-elections on Malaita Province have been released.

For East Malaita, Manasseh Maelanga won with 1,106 votes, his second runner up David Toifai Misitomu with 748 votes, third runner up Mrs. Taeasi Sanga with 678 votes.

Winner for the Aoke-Langalanga constituency is Mathew Wale with a total of 1,608 votes.

Other results are as follows: Honiara City Mayor, Alfred Maetia with 642 votes, Chris Mae with 346 votes, Tony Maega'asia with 260 votes, Billy Farobo with 218 votes, Elwyn Maetia Rea with 216 votes, David Carlson Ganifiri with 199 votes, David Mani Manusau with 155 votes and Wilfred Belo with 25 votes.

Twenty-one candidates including two women contested the bye-elections in East Malaita and Aoke Langalanga constituencies.

The bye-elections followed the death last year of two sitting M-Ps.

They were M-P for Aoke Langalanga and a former Prime Minister, Bartholomew Ulufa'alu, and East Malaita MP and former Minister for Public Service, Joses Wawari Sanga.

In related news, two people were reported to have been seriously wounded during voting at Namoia polling station in the bye-election of East Malaita constituency.

A row reportedly broke out between some men from Kwaio and Kwara'ae two hours into voting.

This resulted in two injured men taken to Atoifi Adventist Hospital with serious wounds.

Police who manned the polling station, together with chiefs and elders of the community, brought the situation under control and voting continued until closing time, 5pm, yesterday.

Voting in other parts of East Malaita and Aoke Langalanga constituency was reported to be problem free.