Few lucky residents of the West Honiara Constituency received financial assistance through the West Honiara Development Program. A program funded through the Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF).

Member of Parliament for West Honiara, Mr. Isaac Inoke, stated that there are at least 44 recipients under the scheme.

"It is important that we help our people to start small businesses as it can help them become financially independent...this will also give benefit to the communities," said Mr. Inoke.

Mr. Inoke said that the people in the communities are the right people for such assistance, "because they are the ones with the heart to do something close to their own communities."

He encouraged the recipients to face up to any difficulties as "upon our own failures, comes the success...it is possible so we must make it happen," he stated.

Mr. Inoke then issued a stern warning to the recipients "the funds are issued once, if anyone misuses his or her fund; there will not be a next time."