A freak accident in Honiara awes members of the public to have fear for God.

The deceased, a man reported to be 25 years old, was said to be asking mocking questions to a young preacher, Felix Robinson, when the incident occurred.

A citrus plant fell on the deceased at the NPF Plaza and was rushed to the National Referral Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Reports of his death awed members of the public to have fear for God and those who preach His Word in public.

Reports said the deceased was teasing the preacher because he does not have the answer to a question he had asked.

Witnesses said the deceased had asked the preacher where Cain went after he killed his brother Abel, to which the preacher in response said that he did not know.

"I told the man that I did not want to lie because it would affect my ministry," Mr. Robinson said in an interview.

He said that following the question, the deceased went and sat under the citrus tree.

The preacher said that as soon as the man went to sit down, "the plant broke and fell on [the deceased]".