A regional representative of the Union based in Fiji has returned to the country after his four days visit to Solomon Islands.

John Alexander Paul was in the country to meet members of the Solomon Islands National Union of Workers.

During his visit, Mr. Paul had the chance to have some discussions with the General Secretary of the SINUW, Tony Kagovai.

Mr. Paul in a report stated that discussions were on a proposed Building and Woodworkers International (BWI) mission to Solomon Islands to oversee the future activities and plans for the Union's need.

While in Honiara, Mr. Paul had the opportunity to meet with SINUW President, Joses Tuhanuku and Union members of the National Council of Solomon Unions.

In his report, he stated that the four day visit was merely to focus mainly on getting the SINUW's report and accounts all in order.

Mr. Paul highlighted that his short mission found that the Solomon Islands Union needs continuous support and assistance from the Building and Woodworkers International, in terms of funding to educate its members in Trade Union Rights and Organizing.

He said that there is a lot of potential for increasing the Unions membership, provided resources can be allocated for such activities.

He commended Mr. Kagovai for "doing a remarkable job" for its membership with a feedback that he got with the International link.

"Mr Kagovai and Union needs BWI's guidance and assistance in fulfilling some of the Union activities."