An upcoming Secondary Easter 7's challenge will take place this month in Honiara.

Speaking to Solomon Times, Rugby Development Officer Nick Hatigeva revealed that the challenge will take place on 21st and 22nd of March.

There will be surveillance, according to Mr. Hatigeva who said the tournament is open for local senior rugby clubs around Honiara.

Registration for the two-day sporting event is open for clubs at the Panatina field.

Mr. Hatigeva explained that the challenge will be played in two categories and prizes are already available.

For the senior division, the first price is $800 dollars, second prize $600, third prize $400 and the fourth prize will be $300.

For the junior division, first prize will be $700, second prize $500, third prize $300 and fourth prize $200.

Consolation prizes will also be given for the highest scorers and player of the match.

Mr. Hatigeva said that the challenge will be a good and attractive for the schools, and for the local senior rugby clubs.