Culture & Arts Archive September 2008

Yellow Parrot Discovered

Have you ever seen a yellow parrot?

Mango Season is Here!

Mango season: one of the seasons most Solomon Islanders look forward to.

Music Workshop to be Held

The Goods International and the Queensland University of Technology representatives are currently in the country to host a series of Music, Art and Drama workshop for young people aged between 8-20 years of age.

Makira and Bananas

Makira Province in the Solomon Islands has always been labeled the 'Banana Land.'

'Weto' a Traditional Dance From Ulawa

The 'Weto' dance, originally from Ulawa in the Makira and Ulawa Province is a traditional dance that is said to only pass to the next generation through a dream.

Sir Jacob Vouza-Solomon Islands War Hero

If you have been past the rove Police Headquarters, you may have noticed a huge monument next to the Police Station.

The Nguzu Nguzu: Western Province Symbol

Have you caught a glance of the Nguzu Nguzu symbol and wondered what it stood for?

Artificial Islands of Malaita

If you think that artificial islands could only be found in Dubai, then you are wrong.

Wearing 'Sunnies' in Solomon Islands

Wearing sun glasses was never a common sight for most Solomon Islanders.

Coconut Tree - Tree of Life

Besides being a symbol of the pacific, the Coconut tree other wise known as the 'tree of life' plays a major role to the people of the Pacific Region.

Ratu Clarifies Solo Idol Criticisms

Upon receiving criticisms from the public, the Solo Idol Co-ordinator, Charles Ratu has come out to clarify issues regarding the Solo Idol winner and the judge.

Malaita Youths Did Not Miss Out on WYD

Malaita youths were not left out of the 2008 World Youth Day celebrations.

Skull Island

Have you ever heard of the Skull Island? Yes, the Skull Island right here in the Solomon Islands.

Spectators Criticize Solo Idol Winner

The Solo Idol ended successfully with David Auna being the winner for the senior category; however spectators began voicing out their disapproval.

David Auna Wins Solo Idol 2008

Thousands of people jam-packed the Multi- Purpose Hall last night to witness the Solo Idol finale.

'Iron Bottom Sound'

Have you ever wondered about the name 'Iron Bottom Sound' or how 'Iron Bottom Sound' hotel got its name?

Hayley Jensen is Here!

Upon arriving into the country early this morning, Ms. Jensen's hectic schedule began with a two day workshop with the Solo Idol contestants and judges.

Recalling World War 2

"I was only a child when World War II came to the Solomon Islands. At that time, nobody knew there was a war going on until we started hearing gunshots from neighboring coastlines," recalls Merlyn Gentalea of Malaita Province.

Hayley Jensen's Background

As we grow closer to the arrival of Hayley Jensen, the former Australian Idol Contestant, Solomon Times together with the Australian High Commission in Honiara has put together a little background on Hayley.

Solomon's Music Federation Wants Copy Right Act

The Solomon Islands Music Federation is having consultations with the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children's Affairs (MWYCA) about the possibility of getting Parliament to pass a copy right act.

What is the Kurukuru?

If you are not a Solomon Islander, you may have wondered about the name 'Kurukuru' as used by the Solomon Islands National Futsal Team.

Jensen Visit Brings Solo Idol to New Level

With just one more day to go, Honiara youths are waiting with great anticipation for the arrival of former Australian Idol Contestant, Hayley Jensen.

Solo Idol Finals on Sunday

Few more days to go before the Solo Idol finals, Honiara residents are already ready for another exciting showdown on Sunday.

Music: An Influence to Fashion

In the Solomon Islands, it is becoming noticeable that music has become a strong influence on young Solomon Islanders.

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