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Jackson Akwasia with his homemade ukulele.

Spreading Music Through a Simple Homemade Ukulele

“Music is the food of love when its played, it heals the human soul when you are sad, makes us forget all our troubles,” the words of the late Lucky Dube.
“The timing has been good, given current weather conditions, so this has really been good for students,” Mr. Hihiru said.

80 Years Later Tenaru School Switch to Gas

More than 80 years after St. Joseph’s Tenaru national secondary school was first established the need to collect firewood to cook food is now a thing of the past.
For Jefferey though, it is much more than just keeping one’s culture and traditions alive – it has now become a way of earning much needed income.

“The Art of Living”: How Traditional Skills Help Sustain the Rural Populace

Our traditions and culture are being overwhelmed by modernity, but a lot of people in the rural areas are keeping certain aspects of it alive – not because they are fighting against modernity, but because of necessity.
"My favourite announcers were Bart Basia, Jeffery Alexander and Modie Nanau. They were my icons back in the days and I always listen to their programs, staying up late sometimes,” Job recalled with a smile.

Dreams Can Come True

“It has always been my dream, to one day be a radio announcer – back in the days that was my only form of entertainment, just listening to the radio,” said Job Rongo’au.
"I want my kids to have a bright future and learn from my struggle."

Taro Farmer Puts Children Through Formal Education

While some are pressuring their MP to pay for their children’s education there are those that work hard to put their children through formal schooling.

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