Culture & Arts Archive August 2008

Avaiki Tattooist: Top of the Pacific

Solomon Islands flag was flown high during the Pacific Arts Festival recently in American Samoa with the unique cultural and traditional dances and displays.

Day Time Hot Spot - Children's Park

Children's Park- situated at Rove, is one of the leading hot spot for children, young people and adults alike in Honiara.

Street Soccer: Solomons Favourite Pastime

Who needs a soccer pitch when you can take it to the streets? No it is not freestyle dancing but street soccer.

Solo Idol Now Looks Forward to Finals

The Solomon Islands Solo Idol semifinals once again grabbed the attention of thousands of Honiara youths, who jam packed the Multipurpose Hall last night.

Freestyle Dancing: The 'IN' thing

Freestyle dancing is still taking Solomon Islands youths by storm.

Japanese Class: A Priviledge Says Participant

A free Japanese class is currently underway in Honiara, with training's provided by the JICA coordinators, at the youth center in the National Museum from the month of August to October.

Contestant Criticizes Solo Idol Judges

The Solo Idol is now close to the Semi Finals, and quite a few contestants have raised concerns over unfair judging from the Solo Idol judges.

Rachel Proves Nothing is Beyond Reach

Solomon Idol 2008 has brought back, once again, the twelve year old singing sensation, Rachel Sarei.

Solo Idol Reaches Quarter Finals

Hundreds of youths crowded the multipurpose hall as they sat through the quarter finals of the Solo Idol 2008.

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