Have you ever seen a yellow parrot?

Me neither. And in the Solomon Islands it is rare to find a yellow parrot when the common ones are either green or red.

However, recently in Santa Cruz, Temotu Province, in the far east of the Solomon Islands, a yellow parrot was discovered.

George Mepirke of the Bay area in Santa Cruz stated that he was "shocked to have seen a yellow parrot among the common red and green ones. It was such a big thrill to have found this rare Veli!"

In Mr. Mepirke's language, the parrot is known as a 'Veli'.

According to him, capturing the bird was not easy.

He borrowed a rubber sling from one of his sons and on a common trip to the vegetable garden with his wife the following day, he found that the bird was where he last saw it.

"I was afraid I might have killed it while knocking it thrice with pebbles through the rubber sling, however this was not so. I had only knocked it unconscious.

"Many people offered to buy it for $500 and $1,000, as like me, they have never seen a yellow Veli. But of course I would never sell it, as my family has become attached to this rare specie," says Mr. Mepirke.

Mr. Mepirke was one of the many Temotu locals who came around to Lata, Capital of Temotu Province during the recent Premier's Conference.