Culture & Arts Archive June 2020

He said these six traditional monies were used on different occasions. He said the traditional shell monies were very valuable.

Chief Muses Over Traditional Money

“Some of the most valued traditional money on Guadalcanal is now lost”, says Paramount Chief, Francis Peroqolo.
New walkway and foot path at the Honiara Botanical Garden.

Improvements At Honiara Botanical Garden

Significant improvements are under way at the Honiara Botanical Garden (HBG). The developments are being made under the Annual Work plan and Medium Term Corporate plan (2020-2022) of the Ministry of Forestry and Research and are also reflected in the commitments under a new HBG Management and Business Plan (2020-2030).
"These World War II relics are our country’s heritage”, Dua says.

World War II Relic Museum Owner Call for Support

Tucked behind a forest cover one kilometre from the main road is Vilu war museum. It is about 25 kilometres away from Honiara in the North Western side of Guadalcanal.

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