In the Solomon Islands, it is becoming noticeable that music has become a strong influence on young Solomon Islanders.

Since the introduction of western music such as rap, hip-hop, heavy metal, R&B and even Reggae, it seems clear that young people are now dressing up according to their music taste.

A young person with baggy clothes, baseball cap and a few, most probably fake, bling blings is easily related to that of a rap or a hip-hop fan. While a young person with ripped tight jeans and ripped shirt is most definitely a heavy metal music fan.

Mrs. Annie Buri from Vara Creek said that the introduction of western music has influenced young Solomon Islander's and their sense of fashion. "That's why there are a lot of second hand clothing shop, these kids are trying very hard to copy their musical stars...which has in a way created the second hand clothing market," said Mrs. Buri.

"Well, I am a freestyle dancer and we love hip-hop music. I think the singers look cool which is why I prefer to dress like them and act like them," says 17 year old Milno Doneo, a freestyle dancer.

Eric, a youth leader in one of the evangelical churches in Honiara, said that it is worrying that these young kids emulate such music stars. "They are not the kind of role models our youths should look up to," said Eric. "We always find that youths go beyond just dressing up like them, they speak profanity like them and also engage in drug and alcohol...which is a huge concern."