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Close family members and friends have said that Costello passed away after a long illness.

Daniel Rae Costello Passes Away

Well known Fiji born music artist Daniel Rae Costello has passed away, aged 58.
His banana quest also brought him to the Solomon Islands, where he learned of a slender banana with a fluffy texture, nicknamed the “Five Minute” banana.

The World’s Bona Fide Banana Man

He may well be the World’s bona fide banana man, he loves the fruit, and spends most of his time understanding and expanding his banana library.
KMK’s music is the combination of individual members efforts to take the listener on a sonic journey from the past and propel them to the future of modern and traditional Polynesian Melanesian musical fusions.

Kaumaakonga Release Debut Album Taoba

Kaumaakonga (KMK) is proud to release their debut album Taoba on Wantok Musik. This collective of musicians aim to revive and renew the traditional Avaiki music, chants and dance of their forefathers.
Instead of PVC pipes one can try using bamboos, there are plenty of them.

Start a Garden with Little to No Soil

Let’s face it, the price of vegetables at the market is getting crazy! How many of us count the number of stalks in a bundle of slippery cabbage? I do, sometimes to the annoyance of the market vendor, just trying to get my money’s worth that’s all I can say.
Eggplants, like many other vegetables, are good sources of dietary fiber, a necessary element in any balanced diet.

The Many Health Benefits of Eggplant

Want to lose weight or improve brain function? Research suggests that you could get that (and more) from eggplant.

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