Culture & Arts Archive April 2008

Lyrics Barking Out Wrong Signals

Being lyrical is one but another is to be ridiculed for some musical artists in the Solomons.

Local Artist to Release New Album and Tour Australia

With his fifth volume to be launched next month, a popular Solomon Islands artist is going on tour to Australia next month.

Process of Grooming a 'Ramo'

Being a chosen leader comes with responsibility and rituals from a young age in communities in the Solomons.

Preserving Culture through Music

With the success of their second album the NORMSIO band, consisting of three young men from Lord Howe, are planning to launch their third album sometimes this year.

Lite Life Hits the Shelves

Lite Life, a newly formed 7 piece band, released their first album in Honiara after their first two singles dominated the airwaves of FM radio stations in Honiara.

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