If you think that artificial islands could only be found in Dubai, then you are wrong.

Apparently, you could also find artificial islands in the Solomon Islands that existed many generations before.

Malaita Province is known to be the most populous island in the Solomon Islands. Because of this, Malaita also caters for a large number of artificial islands especially found on the LangaLanga and Lau lagoon.

According to some people, artificial islands were built by outcasts of inland villages or some were said to have been built because of the growing population

It was said that villagers usually collect or dive for boulders or stones to throw on top of the raised reefs, depending on how high and wide they want the island to be. The activity is usually supervised by the elders of the village.

According to some people from Malaita, these artificial islands were skills from their ancestors which had been passed down through generations.

Over time, more artificial islands were built and even expanded to cater for the growing population. Surprisingly, trees also grow on these islands.

"We have direct fresh air when we are on the island and it is also easier to catch sea food and although we have to travel to the mainland for water, living on the artificial island is what we are used to and prefer," said Mr. Matthew Kaonia from Malaita province.

It has been estimated that almost 12,000 Malaita people in the Langalanga and Lau Lagoon live on the artificial islands.

And over time, the artificial islands have become an icon for the Solomon Islands just like that of the Bamboo Bands, Kennedy Island in Western Province, the Marovo Lagoon and Lake Tengano in the Rennell Bellona Province.