The Goods International and the Queensland University of Technology representatives are currently in the country to host a series of Music, Art and Drama workshop for young people aged between 8-20 years of age.

The three day workshop will commence on the 29 of September to the 3rd of October for selected participants on self awareness, personal narratives and local social justice issues, crafts projects, visual art and t-shirt creation and finally community music.

The participants will then be invited to the finale night at the "Solabration" where they will have the opportunity to present their works at the Honiara Museum on the 3rd of October from 5pm.

The night will also include a formal exhibition, performances from workshop participants and speeches from key members of communities.

The focus of the music workshop is to create 2-3 original songs, with the outcome of producing an album to be pressed and sold in Australia and the Solomon Islands.

Proceeds of sales of the songs will go towards the future GDI projects in the Solomon Islands.