Culture & Arts Archive October 2008

Sharzy to Launch Latest Album In Four Countries.

Popular Solomon Islands music icon Sharzy will simultaneously launch his fifth album titled "Umi Flow" on Saturday the 1st of November in four regional countries.

Local Apple (Kabarai) Season Taking Over

With the season for mango slowly coming to its end in Solomon Islands, another local fruit season is here, looks like an apple but tastes nothing like an apple. Solomon Islanders call this rather delicious fruit 'Kabarai.'

Training, an Important Element in Music: Walekwate

The Solomon Islands Music Federation (SIMF) recognizes that training is an important element instrumental to the success of the Music Industry in the country.

Fire Rather Than Burner

For most of the people in Solomon Islands, owning a stove for cooking is an optional choice.

RAMSI Organizing a Free Concert

A concert, organized by RAMSI will be held in Honiara this Friday the 17th at the Cultural Village.

Taxi Drivers and Ghost

First it was the 'ghost caller', now there are whispers of cab drivers in Honiara picking 'ghost passengers' as night falls.

Music Federation Appreciated for Organising Music Workshop

More than 50 participants attended the five day Music workshop organized by the Solomon Islands Music Federation currently undergoing in the country.

Music Workshop to be Held

The Department of Contemporary Music Studies of the Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia and the Solomon Islands Government through the Ministry of Women, Youth & Children Affairs will fully fund a one week recording workshop to be organized by the Solomon Islands Music Federation next week.

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