Culture & Arts Archive May 2011

Solomon Islands' III Kings, the winner of Pacific Break 201o.

Radio Australia's Pacific Break 2011 - now open!

The opportunity for Pacific musicians to share and display their musical talent has returned.
This is the common Solomon Islands 'Kurukuru' widely known as the Pigeon.

What is the Kurukuru?

If you are not a Solomon Islander, you may have wondered about the name 'Kurukuru' as used by the Solomon Islands National Futsal Team. Kurukuru is actually a Solomon Islands term for the Pigeon bird.
The four students of St. Josephs Tenaru in Lismore.

Opportunity Through Exchange

For four Year 11 teenagers from the Solomon Islands, leaving their home country for the first time and spending a week in Lismore, Australia, comes as a big culture shock.

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