Have you ever heard of the Skull Island? Yes, the Skull Island right here in the Solomon Islands.

The Skull Island situated at New Georgia in the Western Province is one of the most sort after tourist attraction.

To get to the place, you would have to catch a plane to Munda, in the Western Province and then travel across the beautiful Roviana Lagoon to reach the island of New Georgia where the Skull Island is.

The Skull Island contains skull shrines decorated with traditional shell money of the Western Province and filled with the skulls of vanquished enemies from the days of headhunting in the Western Province.

The Skull Island is one of the most sacred places on the Island of New Georgia. Also located on the island are beautifully carved caskets containing skulls of prominent chiefs in generations before.

To visitors, it may be quite eerie however; villagers stated that their history and traditions are brought back to life when they have sacred shrines to remind them of the ancient days.

To visit the shrine, you would have to be escorted by the head Chief of the place where you will have to produce a fee of SBD$10 for a tour.

Tours to sacred places in the Solomon Islands are only done by prestigious people like the chiefs and not random villagers.

According to beliefs of many villages with sacred places, the life of visitors could be in grave danger if they visit sacred places without the knowledge of village chiefs. Village chiefs, according to beliefs would often have to make a traditional ritual before a visit to sacred places. This is according to a belief that when their traditional spirits are aware of the visitation they will not harm strange visitors.