Culture & Arts Archive June 2008

RAMSI Sponsors Free Music Concert

On Saturday 28 June, RAMSI will be sponsoring a free concert at the Cultural Village in Honiara and the event is open to everyone who wants to attend.

Lady Panpipers in the Solomon Islands?

Some say it's not right, others say get used to it. What's all the commotion about? A handful of ladies, nuns to be exact, playing the panpipe.

Walking Bare feet, a Cultural Identity?

Many things have changed in the Solomon Islands since the abrupt introduction of the western culture to the country few decades ago, but a practice which has withstood the test of time is the tendency of many to walk around in bare feet.

Popular Local Artist Lends Helping Hand

Solomon Islands' most well known artist, Samson Saeni, widely know as Sharzy, recently made a two days trip to Vella La Vella in the Western Province to help the community school.

Pushing Cultural Borders as Bus Fares Rise

As bus fares increase, it is now common sight in Honiara to see people cycling, some to work others doing household errands.

Aussie Idol Contestant to Assist Solo Idol Show

The Australian High Commission is bringing out previous Australian Idol Contestant, Australian artist Hayley Jensen. Hayley will be in Honiara for a week to conduct a workshop for finalists competing in this year's show.

Vanuatu and Solomons Cultural Music Exchange

The Wasikananara cultural pan-pipers of Malaita Province captures the interest of Vanuatu's music industry with their unique panpipe music.

Australian Idol to Visit Solo Idol 2008

Excitement is in the air at the Solomon Islands' capital as preparation takes place for this year's Solo Idol music competition.

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