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“Since the Taiwan farm closed my labourers no longer receive training, so there is poor quality and low productivity in the farm."

Farmer Calls for Support to Boost Productivity

There is growing demand for fresh fruits and vegetables in Honiara, and farmers are calling for support to boost productivity.
"My job is the same as others, I get paid every fortnight, and I use that to support my family, so I am not ashamed."

Cleaning Other Peoples Mess is My Job

He says one should never be ashamed of their job. If someone has a job that provides for one’s family than that is all that matters.
Gregory Shares His Passion for Making Shell Money

Gregory Shares His Passion for Making Shell Money

Shell money making is perhaps one of the most important cultural items in Melanesia. Langalanga, in Malaita Province, is among the few areas where shell money is still produced
While vendors might not think much of selling items such as sea shells, for Susan she says it is a lucrative business.

She Sells Seashells, Says its High Demand

Ms. Susan Dora says nothing can stop her from selling seashells at the Honiara main market.

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