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The tournament will be broken up into three ‘splits’ (‘stages’) played across August 2020 - April 2021, with each split offering up a prize pool of USD$75,000  between the top 8 teams of each event.

Solomon Island Gamers Will Have a Chance to Compete in USD$225,000 Online Tournament

ESL Australia and Psyonix today announced the ESL Rocket League Oceanic Championship, a new online tournament series that will offer players across the Oceanic region the chance to compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
"The theme is 'STAY AWAKE’ the world teaches us to live subconsciously, but Jesus teaches us to live consciously, the theme reflects the many challenges that young people face today”, Fr Paa’si said.

Archdiocese of Honiara Denary Hold Youth Event

More than one thousand youths from the Catholic Church archdiocese of Honiara attended a week long program at Tamboko saint Mary Tanagai Parish North west Guadalcanal.
“It was an opportunity I didn't want to miss, as it would be my first time there and I also wanted to get to know as well as learn about these amazing people”, she says.

I Will Remember This Day for A Long Time: Miss Solomons

The usual independence celebration for this year was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
He says as the high demand from his community increased, he decided to set up a small tent in front of his house at Feraladoa’a. From then on he started charging fees.

From Teller to Barber

Timo Kenaz left his job as a teller in 2019.
Its aim is to attract visitors and families to the garden. But since its upgrade more and more unwanted activities are taking place at the garden.

Call for Respect for the City’s Botanic Garden

A lot of unwanted activities are still happening at the Honiara Botanical Garden (HBG).
She says every Independence Day, the Wagina women usually organize activities to commemorate the country’s big day.

Wagina Community Celebrates Independence Day

A parade through the main villages on Wagina was held on Independence Day.
Mr Cameron is a well known to many Solomon Islanders, he used to operate the famous Mr. B-Kool ice cream tuck shop at the central market.

Earl Cameron Passes Away Aged 102

Earl Cameron, one of the first black actors to forge a successful career in British film and television, has died aged 102, his family has confirmed.
He says a number of consultations had been done before approval was also granted for the clothing vendors to resume business.

Clothing Back on the Racks at the Central Market

The Honiara Central Market has opened its gates for clothing vendors but with restrictions.

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