The 'Weto' dance, originally from Ulawa in the Makira and Ulawa Province is a traditional dance that is said to only pass to the next generation through a dream.

The Ulawa Island is situated about 80km from the Makira Islands and the Weto dance was said to have come from Maloupaina, one of the deserted three sister islands in Ulawa.

According to the people of Makira and Ulawa Province, the 'Weto' dance routine is only revealed to a certain chosen person in a dream.

Unlike other dances where the moves are choreographed by leaders or the whole team, the 'Weto' dance moves are only choreographed in the dream.

In the morning, the person who had the dream will assemble the village dancers and teach them the dance moves as according to the dream.

It was said that the people that receive the dream are chosen by the traditional gods to carry on the traditional dance. If the chosen person dies, another chosen person will receive the vision or the dream.

However, today the practice of 'Weto' is beginning to fade as with the introduction of the Western lifestyle.