Solomon Islands flag was flown high during the Pacific Arts Festival recently in American Samoa with the unique cultural and traditional dances and displays.

Infact, Mr. Bolland Kaitu'u of Rennell and Bellona took our flag even higher when he won the Tattooing competition.

Initially enlisted as a cultural dancer, he took the opportunity to demonstrate his skilled ability in the art of Tattooing.

A lack of equipment was no barrier for this young man, and with the addition of a 'walkman' motor and a needle, Bolland Kaitu'u defeated tattooists from all over the Pacific who were using professional machines and up to seven different needles.

His superior skills saw him completing three different tattoos on three different people in the same time that many competitors could only complete one.

"He really demonstrated the creativity, professional attitude and commitment to culture that Solomon Islands is renowned for," said one onlooker during the Tattooing competition final.

The event judge from Guam praised Mr. Kaitu'u for his fine detail and smooth style that now sees him as one of the leading Tattooists in the Pacific.

In fact the judge was so impressed with Mr. Kaitu'u's work that they have awarded him a brand new professional tattooing machine, which Bolland is now anxiously waiting for it to arrive from American Samoa.

"It will really make my work easier once the new machine arrives. Especially with the Tahiti Tattoo Festival for later this year, which I'm really looking forward to and preparing for," says Bolland.

Dubbed as the 'Avaiki Tattooist,' Bolland Kaitu'u is currently living in Honiara and specializes in Polynesian Custom Tattoo's. He can be contacted on (677)83411 or (677)97928 for bookings.

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