Freestyle dancing is still taking Solomon Islands youths by storm.

The freestyle dancing sets no age limits and believe it or not, children as young as five do take part in the dancing.

Totally new, and taking over the night life and entertainment scene for some time now, this type of dancing is often dangerous yet draws the youths to it.

The influence for these dance moves are from the movies 'You Got Served', 'Step Up 1 and 2' and 'Stomp the Yard' and although far removed from Solomons Cultural dances, these are effects of Globalization yet youths and the audience alike love such shows.

Solomon Times spoke to Ms. Lorrina Suwah a freestyle fan who agrees that free style dancing can drive people mad.

"As soon as these dancers come on stage, people go crazy. But we enjoy it alot," she continues.

Often included are risky and dangerous moves yet these are what keeps the suspense and enthusiasm during shows.

Solomon Times caught up with dancer, Mr. Dirty Harry, who mentioned that being involved in free style dancing has enabled youths from communities to be more peaceful.

"Crime rates in our communities have dropped since we encouraged youths to participate in such dances. More time is spent on dancing rather than other things. We get them to dance moves from movies we watch and sometimes make our own pattern," he says.

He concluded that such freestyle dancing has become a habit and has influenced our lifestyle, regarding our music taste, our fashion and our attitude.

"Because the dancing is seen as cool, many more youths are determined to join us. This is quite good as this means more youths would be staying out off trouble," concludes Mr. Dirty Harry.

Dangerous and daring, surely this freestyle dancing will be the 'IN' thing for many more years.